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  • Stephanie Nicole

    Stephanie Nicole

    Elementary school teacher who writes about education, children/young adult media, childhood, and disability. College graduate who rediscovered anime!

  • Frank Giampietro

    Frank Giampietro

  • S


  • Carey Klassen

    Carey Klassen

  • Jen Ulie Wells

    Jen Ulie Wells

    I write about social justice, education, and mental health. Jennifer Ulie-Wells, Ph.D. @JenniferWells23 Blogger

  • Gav Aguirre

    Gav Aguirre

  • Dr. J. Gulya

    Dr. J. Gulya

    I’m an English Professor with 10 years experience. On Medium, I blog about education, parenting, and pop culture.

  • Eugenie Ballering

    Eugenie Ballering

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